“Can’t Go Wrong With a Cache Pot” This beautiful cache pot (pronounced cash po) is inexpensive and elegant and can be a wonderful family tradition. I pick up orchids from Home Depot for $19.99 and pop them in! Sometimes I splurge and put two orchids in, but then I have to remove them from their containers and put them together in another. This takes some finagling, but it works. When the orchid bloom expires, you can pick up flowers from your corner deli, put them in an inexpensive container inside the cache pot. If you live in the country move the orchid to the greenhouse or a screened sunny window till it blooms again. Then cut foliage from your garden or back yard and place inside the cache pot. Voila! Then when your orchid blooms again put it once again in the cache pot.

I use cut pine branches, holly branches with their leaves, fall leaves on their branches that have turned yellow, red, and orange, rosa rugosa and their berries which are called rose hips. Any perennial you have will work, even pachysandra. I throw fruits and veggies on their stems in the arrangement. I like cherry tomatoes, a cluster of crab apples, or calamondin oranges. It’s not what you use it’s how you use it! Flowers with feathers added for fun! When my Christmas cactus is blooming in the green house, I take that and drop it in or in the city I buy one at the corner deli for $14.99.