“Cheap and Cheerful”

This is one of my favorite floral arrangements. It rings in the hope of spring and warmer weather with its wonderful colorful theme. At the same time it is so easy, fast and inexpensive to throw together.

Use any vase you want, but be sure you can fit another glass container inside. Sometimes I use common household items like a sugar bowl or oil/vinegar server.

Pour candies between the vase and the inside container. You can use jellybeans, or for Valentine’s Day I use the heart candies with sayings on them.

Fill the inside container with water leaving room for the flowers to displace the water and not overflow onto the candies. If the water gets on the candies it makes a sticky mess over time.

I then add tulips, or daffodils. Tulips last longer, but both are about 7 to 10 dollars a bunch from your local supermarket or NYC deli, and can cheer up a whole room.
If you want to be extravagant go with white roses, and use red hots for that special someone in your life! If they really deserve it, throw in cashmere socks or a throw. Enjoy!