These are a healthy alternative to store-bought chips that you can make in your toaster. I first had these as a young model in Milan at BICE. They are very simple to make, elegant for adults, and fun for kids to eat. This is one recipe I do not suggest children making, as it involves peeling the potato. You would find these at any Cipriani restaurant around the world. They are delicious without salt or anything but feel free to experiment with your favorite toppings. I serve them with icy cold vodka shots and sour cream.


  • One large Idaho or starchy potato
  • Spray Canola Oil
  • Coarse Sea Salt

-Peel potato with a common peeler

-Slice the potato into thin chips using a mandolin slicer or use a cheese grater. The cheese grater makes half chips.

-When using the mandolin be careful of the last bit of potato, and use the special instrument to protect your fingers

-Place potato slices thinly in a canola sprayed tray and spray chips with canola as well.

– Lightly Salt chips or sprinkle Rosemary if you like.
-Bake for 30 to 40 minutes on 450 degrees or until crispy. May need to rotate the tray as the back gets hotter than the front.

*Foil is reusable

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xo, Sonja