This recipe of Chicken Parmigiano is the perfect choice for a busy Thursday night. This whole meal can be cooked and ready to eat in under 20 minutes.

Watch below for a “HOW TO” Tutorial, on How to cook Chicken Parmigiano in a Toaster Oven with a dash of Sonja’s Style.

“It’s all the play dates’ favorites”-Ms. Sonja Morgan


– Wait for the cheese to start to bubble; that’s how you can tell when is the perfect time to take the meal out of the oven.

-To add a little bit more excitement, this dish would go nicely with some hot spaghetti.

This recipe can be done in under 20 minutes and will cost you less than 20 dollars to make. Chicken Parmigiano is one of those meals that you can serve to your kids for lunch on a Sunday afternoon, or a special someone during a candle lit dinner and wine. Without even turning on your oven.