“Comfort Food with a Touch of Affordable Luxury”

All you need is:

  • a box of Elbow Macraroni
  • a can of Evaporated Milk, or
  • carton of Half n Half
  • a zip lock of shredded Cheddar Cheese
  • and as preferred Truffle Oil/cubed Ham
  • 4 to 6 ramekins

This recipe is so easy with minimal clean up, can be served to the most discerning guests (everyone needs comfort food) and kids love it, too. They can help!  After boiling the macaroni in a lightly salted pot of water, scoop a small amount of macaroni into the bottom each ramakin after from a strainer spoon. This avoids the big pasta strainer step completely. 

Then pour a bit of the half n half or condensed milk over the macaroni. I use whatever I have. I use milk as well if I have too. This is where you add salt, pepper and even cubed ham if you like.  Then sprinkle some of the cheese, layer more of macaroni making a nice mound.

Add lots of cheese of top to make a nice crust to your liking,

then add a bit more   half n half or condensed milk around the macaroni and cheese to be sure it won’t be dry. I like to fill till i see some liquid almost a third from the top. Put your Ramekins in the toaster oven, or your regular oven at 35o til brown on top and bubbling.

Though this is a simple and easy recipe it serves beautifully, and elegantly and warrants a nice place mat and napkin to set it off. You can use French Crockery or just plain ramekins as I have here, and  I like to top it off with truffle oil for adults.  My 10 yr old enjoys it like that  as well! Aren’t we fancy?! P.S. my shirt is from the Souk in Morocco in case you follow RHONY.